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Preventing skin breakdown due to incontinence is a challenge. Even those with nursing and caregiver assistance can struggle with incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD). Here are some valuable tips from a review from a Nursing Times article written by several nurses.

Soap and water has been considered the ‘gold standard’ for skin and hygiene management but that is not the case. “Soap can strip the skin of natural oils and puts it at risk of secondary infection from fungus and bacteria (Junkin et al, 2007). The use of perineal skin cleansers was found to be more effective for the prevention and treatment of IAD. Another option is the use of a no rinse cleansing foam.”

The use of a skin barrier was also recommended for those with high volume or frequent incontinence. An effective skin barrier acts to keep urine and fecal matter away from the skin.

Another important factor is to keep the skin from prolonged exposure to urine or fecal matter. Using higher absorbency briefs and underpads with polymer are more effective in preventing skin breakdown than non-polymer products. The polymer absorbs and holds the fluids. Timely changes of incontinence products help as well.

Prevention is very crucial as once skin breakdown starts it can be difficult to heal especially for those with poor circulation.

If you are a caregiver, a family member or an individual dealing with incontinence, GO Medical can assist in managing skin issues and improving quality of life. We provide skin cleansers, skin barriers, highly absorbent polymer briefs and underpads at discount prices. We discreetly deliver right to the door usually within 1 to 2 days to anywhere USA. No more embarrassing trips to the store with incontinence products in a grocery cart or compromising for an item that is on the store shelf but doesn’t meet your needs.

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