Homebound Healthcare

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As baby boomers age more are becoming homebound and those that are homebound often deal with complex and costly medical conditions. In fact, one recent analysis concluded homebound individuals over 70 years old accounted for 11% of Medicare spending while they comprise under 6% of Medicare's demographic. 

Fortunately, there is a growing recognition among healthcare decision makers that patients are happiest when they are home. Therefore, they are creating ways of serving better in the home setting. Services for the homebound including home based telehealth, urgent care, lab work, physical therapy, doctor visits, and so on are becoming more common place. More insurances are paying for such services realizing it's actually a cost savings measure for them and better health outcomes for their homebound subscribers. In addition, community base organizations and social services agencies are providing more home based options. So, if you find yourself or a loved one homebound inquire on home based health services. You just might be happy you did.

And perhaps, the old days of doctor house calls might be the wave of the future!

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