Today, the health care industry continues to change and many more are looking for affordable medical supply solutions. Even for individuals that have insurance, it is becoming increasing difficult with insurance restrictions to get necessary products covered. For example, Medicare and most private insurances do not pay for incontinent supplies and have maximum quantity limits. Other insurances offer Health Savings Accounts with high deductibles or no longer pay for certain supplies. Paying out of pocket for medical products can be very expensive. GO Medical does not bill insurance so we can provide pricing much below standard insurance rates.

GO Medical serves both individuals and medical facilities and can discreetly deliver to your door, usually within 1-2 business days from one of over 20 distribution centers nationwide including Phoenix, AZ and Los Angeles, CA.

There are many challenges in life. Finding affordable medical supply solutions shouldn't be one of them. We are confident our fast delivery, extensive product selection and experienced customer service will provide your supply solutions.

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