Is Kindness Good For Your Health?

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Is there a health benefit to random acts of kindness? Recent research seems to indicate putting other's well being before ours has some positive rewards.

One study revealed those that donated money felt less pain with electric shock than those that declined to give and the more helpful they thought the donation would be the less pain they felt.

In another study, two groups with hypertension were asked to spend $40. One group spent $40 on themselves. The other group spent $40 on others. The group that spent the money on others had lower blood pressure after a six week study. In fact, it was a big a reduction as excercise and a healthy diet!  

One more study found being kind increased happiness in just three days! Being creative in your acts of kindness seems to have health benefits as well. 

So let's all take the time to be kind. It can be as simple as opening a door for another. Imagine the healthy changes we can make! :-) 

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