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Delta Flight Products has just revealed a seating option for power wheelchairs. No transfer is needed as the standard seat retracts to accommodate the wheelchair. The plan is to modify the first two aisle seats of a Boeing 737 where the back of the standard chair can be removed, the seat and armrest fold up and the power wheelchair can back into and secured to the designated space for the entire flight. The plane's headrest, tray table and power plugs can easily be used. 

For now this design works only for power wheelchairs but the goal is to expand on the accessible wheelchair concept to provide seating for all types of power and manual wheelchairs. 

GO Medical applauds the idea but what took you so long?

Photo: Courtesy of Delta Airlines

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  • It is a nightmare for a handicap to travel. Do you know how much time this will save the airlines and their “on time departure” record? Not to mention the embarrassment of a passenger trying to maneuver on the airlines transfer chair and falling on the tarmac in Phoenix 100 degrees and everyone staring at you. It wasn’t Delta. I have always refused to have the airlines destroy my power wheelchair to be thrown in the baggage area on its side. Currently, I have to always take my regular push wheelchair. I also have to take a caregiver with me to push my chair on carpet, while I have to try to hold on to my transfer boards. I can’t believe they haven’t done this years ago. Thank you Delta and I will fly with you now!

    Geri on

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