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  • Thank you so much for your prompt service and being able to talk to a real nice person. You have a new customer.

    Sherry on

  • We are searching for sterile water for our cell culture work. Go Medical has the best price and customer service. Best informative customer service, reliable and fast delivery. Highly recommend GoMedical for as your supplier.

    Grace Chan on

  • I was in urgent need of a Luer lock for a gastric tube for my dog and had spent over an hour on the internet looking for one. I did find it but the sites would only sell the lock to veterinarian offices until I found GoMedical. They responded quickly and efficiently and if I will definitely keep them in mind if I need something else.

    Cherrylann StJohn on

  • Over the years, whenever I’ve had problems getting catheters delivered in a timely manner from “approved” home healthcare agencies and healthcare insurance providers (which is distressingly more often than it should be), I’ve always turned to Greg and Go Medical to provide what I need. There’s never any excuses as to why something can’t be delivered, everything is usually on my front porch the next business day.

    Terry Farrell on

  • What a service, faster delivery than amazon. Amazon becomes slppier these days.. One day delivery is still there. But when you ask where is my stuff, delayed by COVID infection.. Actually i ordered one from Amazon and 3 from gomedical.
    I haa history of Parkinson disease which put out 1000cc every night
    I found the natural 29 mm .. I would appreciate giving me a phone call.

    Sung Kim on

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