OPA High-Level Disinfectant MetriCide OPA Plus RTU Liquid 1 gal. Jug

OPA High-Level Disinfectant MetriCide OPA Plus RTU Liquid 1 gal. Jug

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OPA High-Level Disinfectant MetriCide™ OPA Plus RTU Liquid 1 gal. Jug 30 Day Max for Manual Soaking


  • Effective against Tuberculosis, Hepatitis A (AER), Hepatitis B, HIV-1,and Polio Virus Type 1 in 5 minutes @ 25°C
  • Provides up to 40% more reprocessing cycles in an AER than other OPA brands
  • Compatible with most medical device materials
  • Test strips provide 33% faster readings compared to other OPA test strips
  • Designed for use with both manual and automated endoscope reprocessors (AER) 
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