You Are What You Eat - Reducing Intestinal Odor and Gas

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Intestinal oder is created by bacteria breaking down certain foods, turning it into odorous waste and also sometimes creating odorous gases. For ostomates, this gas, like the stool, also makes it way into a pouch, filling it with air that must be released to prevent pressure from developing a leak, or worse, a pouch blowout.

While some pouches have integrated filters, it is also a good idea to avoid odor-causing and gas-forming foods. Below are some examples of foods that affect most individuals:

Some foods that do cause odors:
Asparagus, coffee, garlic, prunes, beans, cucumbers, green peppers, radishes, brussel sprouts, eggs, milk, turnips, cabbage, fish, onions, vitamins/certain drugs, alcoholic beverages.

Some foods that help decrease odors:
Buttermilk, parsley, yogurt, cranberry juice, spinach.

Some foods that produce more gas:
Apples, soda, dairy products, onions, asparagus, drinking straws & chewing gum (you’ll swallow more air), melons, beans, mushrooms, corn, broccoli, spinach, nuts, cabbage.

One final note about digestive odors: Another product that may help with gas and odors are Devrom Suppliments. Taken up to four times daily, they help control the odors of digestive gases with bismuth subgallate. This is, of course, not meant as a replacement to intelligent dieting, but if certain foods you enjoy make you gassy then a couple of Devrom suppliments right before you eat should do the trick. 

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(Information: courtesy of the ostomy guide)

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