When the MD prescribes coude tip catheters should you say touche or ouch?

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Many older males suffer from an enlarged prostate or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) In fact, around 50% of males by the age of 50 show evidence of BPH and 75% will by the age of 80. With almost half of them, the BPH becomes clinically significant. 

For some, bladder emptying becomes an issue. An MD may end up prescribing a catheter to empty the bladder. The catheter must travel the length of urethra before entering the bladder. The urethra path for the male anatomy is not straight. The journey has a big curve just before the bladder. Throw in an enlarged prostate and the fun really begins!


The coude tip catheter has a slight curve at the tip which allows the catheter to better navigate the urethra around the prostate and into the bladder. It is prescribed for BPH but also for false urethra passages, scar tissue and spastic bladder sphinters etc.

However, that little curve on the end of the coude tip catheter comes at a price! Typically, Medicare and other insurances reimburse THREE times more for a coude tip catheter versus a straight tip catheter! For example, the Medicare fee schedule for a straight tip catheter is around $2.00. For a coude tip catheter it is around $7.00 each! By law, suppliers that work with Medicare can't provide it for less. That means even if you have insurance, a policy with a high deductible and/or a high co-pay means those coude tip catheters can cost you a small fortune (cathing 4/day can cost over $800 per month!). Plus, some insurances don't cover catheters at all!

Good News from GO Medical. Since GO Medical isn't contracted with any insurances we can provide catheters at lower prices. Straight tip catheters start at well under $1.00 and coude tip catheters start at under $1.50 each. That can be a savings of over 450%! In many cases, you can submit your GO Medical receipts to your insurance to count towards your deductible. Start saving with our selection of Coude Tip Catheters

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