Urinary Incontinence - There is help!

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One-third of Americans over 40 suffer from urinary incontinence, but many wait years to seek care. Why? Urinary symptoms are frequently considered a normal process of getting older and can be just accepted symptoms. Furthermore, many are not likely to want to bother their physician and are embarrassed to discuss the situation with their physician. 

However, urinary incontinence can be reduced or overcome with the help of physicians. Pelvic floor muscle exercises and diet are just a few ways to reduce and control urinary incontinence for both women and men. 

If you, or someone you know, suffers from urinary incontinence we urge you to seek help. If you live in the Phoenix area we strongly recommend contacting the Continence Center of America. They have two Phoenix locations and promote non evasive solutions. Their phone number is 623-977-1212

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