Reducing Retirement Health Care Costs

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How exciting it is to be able to finally retire!

But did you know the average cost is $280,000 for a couple"s health care costs throughout retirement? It's likely the largest retirement cost but most have not budgeted for such expenses. 

Here's some ways to help reduce the overall cost:

Healthy Habits: Exercise, control your food and drink intake and get plenty of rest.

Preventative Care: See your physician for well care visits to prevent or catch an issue early to avoid more costly care later.

Manage Prescription Medications: Know what prescription drugs you are taking and how they interact with each other. A pharmacist can review your entire medication routine to identify any issues.

Reduce Fall Risk: Falls can have a devastating effect on your health. Eliminate uneven flooring and poor lighting. Install rails and grab bars where appropriate and wear proper shoes.

Understand Insurance Policies: Most insurance have in network and out of networks costs. Use in network providers as much a s possible. Know what is covered and not covered by your insurance. It may be less expensive to purchase supplies and equipment on your own then use an out of network provider.

Family Support: Stay in touch with family and use their assistance for help rather than pay a professional for certain needs.

Have Fun: Play games, join a club or volunteer. Staying connected with others help with depression and your overall well being.

These are just a few ideas to help reduce the costs of health care. Please share on this blog other ways you know to reduce health care costs. 

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