Post Senate Decision on Pre-Existing Conditions

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Unless you have been vacationing this week on a secluded island with no cell phone service, you are aware the United States Senate now has the opportunity to shape the future or our nation's health care insurance. There are many aspects they must consider but one very important segment is how to support those with pre-existing conditions.

Millions and millions of Americans have been diagnosed with a pre-existing condition and the rest are just an accident or diagnosis away from having one. Most of our GO Medical clients have a pre-existing condition and most of our clients purchase medical supplies because of their current insurance situation. And most of our clients would rather spend their money on something besides medical supplies.

This is why the Senate must focus on getting this right. They need to hear our voices loud and clear before these decisions are made. GO Medical encourages you to reach out to your state and federal representatives and share your desires and opinions. Here is a link for the list of United States Senators

Please use it and share with those you know and please don't let this opportunity go by without being a part of the process.

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