Man's Best Health Friend

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Overall symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder are lower among war veterans with service dogs according to a study by Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine and co-funded by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) and Bayer Animal Health. 

“We found that the group of veterans with service dogs had significantly lower levels of PTSD symptomology than those who did not have a service dog,” assistant professor Maggie O’Haire says. “They also had lower levels of depression, lower anxiety and increased social participation, meaning a willingness to leave their house and go engage with society in different activities.”

Study results reveal that veterans suffering from PTSD exhibited better mental health and well-being on several measures if they had a service dog, including:

• Lower overall symptoms of post-traumatic stress.
• Lower levels of depression.
• Higher levels of life satisfaction.
• Higher overall psychological well-being.
• Lower levels of social isolation and greater ability to participate in social        activities.
• Higher levels of resilience.
• Higher levels of companionship.
• Less absenteeism from work due to health among those who were     employed.
Service dogs can help with more than just PTSD. In addition, they can assist those with epilepsy, autism, diabetes and mobility impairments and more!
We applaud those that train and provide service dogs!  

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