Drive-through COVID-19 Testing

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Confirming that sick individuals are infected with COVID-19 is not only important in helping people get the correct treatment, it is essential to slowing the spread of this highly contagious disease. Individuals with confirmed COVID-19 cases should self-isolate so they do not infect others. Once an individual gets a positive diagnosis, contact tracers can notify people who had contact with the infected individual, so they can get tested and self-isolate if necessary. 

Established in the early days of the pandemic, drive-through coronavirus testing follows the same principles as other drive-through services. At a drive-through testing site, healthcare workers collect a sample via nasal swab without the patient leaving their car. Samples are typically sent to labs for testing, and patients are notified of their results within a few days to a week. 

Coronavirus testing is organized at the state, county, or local level, so the availability of drive-through testing depends on where you live. Testing capacity at individual sites may vary based on appointment availability and the supply of testing materials. Most sites require an appointment and/or a doctor’s referral.

For more information about drive-through COVID-19 testing, you can visit:

  hopes you and your loved ones stay healthy!

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