Covid-19 Domestic Abuse Awareness

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These are challenging times for many reasons! Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought a growth in domestic abuse. We are spending more time in close quarters with family members in stressful situations. Many have lost jobs or have reduced incomes. Fear and stress has increased from trying to keep from getting the Covid-19 virus or dealing with Covid-19 family members. Domestic alcohol consumption has risen. The normal emotional support available such as churches, schools and friends are out of reach.  

When people think of domestic abuse, they often focus on domestic violence. But domestic abuse includes any attempt by one person in an intimate relationship or marriage to dominate and control the other. Domestic violence and abuse are used for one purpose and one purpose only: to gain and maintain total control over another. An abuser uses fear, guilt, shame, and intimidation to wear them down and keep them under their control.

None of use want domestic abuse to grow. If you suspect you are in an abusive relationship or suspect that someone you know is being abused, reach out or speak up! There are resources local and national resources available such as the National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233.

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