Advanced Chronic Wound Dressing for Diabetes, Burns and Ulcers Soon Available?

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Treating chronic diabetic, burn and ulcer wounds can be challenging. So this is exciting news! Experts from Sheffield University have developed dressings, which have proven effective in chicken embryo trials at aiding blood vessel formation. Blood vessel formation is critical in promoting faster healing. 

If approved, the dressings could be used to treat people with diabetes. They can develop diabetic ulcers on their feet and lower legs. They could also be used to treat people who suffer from superficial or partial burns. Partial burns are more serious than superficial burns and require rapid healing to avoid such complications as contraction, scarring and sepsis.

"We’re now hoping to continue our research in Pakistan and run first in man safety studies before clinical trials to bring the dressings a step closer to being available for patients and healthcare systems," said University Professor Sheila MacNeil.

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